After many years of experience in business development it is now obvious that new technologies, especially in digital solutions, is opening up for radically new businessmodels.

Main purpose with Business Development is to develop and improve businessmodels in general, but also based on products containing multifunctions and IoT-solutions.

KAPABL is working with companies in a need for new or adjusted businessmodels in most markets, and experiences that especially companies in greentech, SME’s, manufacturing, agriculture and startups is positioned to benefit from new and/or improved businessmodels.

KAPABL contributes with:

  • New technology for new businessmodells
  • Distributed businessmodells
  • Predictionbased businessmodells
  • Project management and business advisory

In-house resources:

  • Expertise in business
  • Vast experience and knowledge of strategic management
  • R&D in a strategic content
  • Management for hire

Network resources:

  • R&D network and alliances with universities (NTNU, Sintef)
  • Structures and network aimed for Innovation
  • TTO, venture capital and investors
  • International strategycompanies