With experience from working with data science, stocastic modeling and multivariate data analytics in larger projects it is always the same magic to see what large datasets can tell us, and how BigData can help to gain insight  where not expected to be available

Main purpose with Analytics is to develop models and simulations by use of BigData in markets as greentech, SME’s, manufacturing, agriculture and startups.

Kapabl have both inhouse products, services and customerbased projects:

  • Business Intelligence – solutions from large datasets
  • Multivariate datascience
  • Modeling (stocastics, simulations)
  • Using off-the-shelf technology and API’s
  • Machine Learning for prediction-models

Internal resources:

  • Experts in data science
  • R&D-competence
  • Infrastructure and tools (PowerBI, Azure, etc)
  • Strong relations with partners

Network and alliances:

  • ICT-partners on all levels
  • R&D network with universities (NTNU, Sintef)